Vision & Consultation

Getting the requirements right will determine the success or failure of the project.

Our approach is to combine the requirements analysis phase with the design phase in a unified series of workshops. In this approach, all information, decisions and business rules will be documented and visualized as interactive wire-frames which you can see, understand, assess, test and sign-off with confidence. This way you can know for a fact that all of your objectives and requirements are catered for, and that the proposed solution will verifiably be the right one.

Working Prototype

Specifying applications with just words can be a laborious process that often leaves many gaps which are open to interpretation.

At MSC we design working prototypes that enable our customers to see and test the designed application, follow the on-screen workflows, refine the design, share it and get feedback and then ultimately sign it off with confidence and certainty of success.

Visual and UI Design

Our design approach puts the users of an application at the core. It ensures that the system functions are phrased around the terminology or language of its users. For example, all buttons, navigation and workflow steps,

will be designed based on the users’ way of thinking and their concerns.

This is an iterative approach where a number of "design plus feedback" cycles are repeated until the project's usability objectives have been attained. The users who participate in this process play a key role in ensuring their needs are accurately reflected in the solution.

Agile Development

This is where the magic happens. Solutions are developed using our own Agile software development methodology. Applications are developed using a range of appropriate technologies.

Quality Assurance

We have dedicated Testers (QAs) and follow a Test Driven Development (TDD) approach to provide measurable quality and confidence in software.

We create automated unit tests to validate the sanity of your application’s logic and behavior. Those tests are in the form of supplementary program code that verify your application’s code. This makes it possible to perform regression testing at any time, and upon every change.

Project Deployment

The work doesn't stop when your application goes live. As your business evolves we will be there to ensure your software evolves and facilitates your growth. We have on-going support packages to cater for all needs and are happy to develop new features and functionality, as you need them.