Financial Solutions


Virtual Teller Machine (VTM)

VTM is a pioneering banking channel solution that leverages video conferencing technology to integrate the merits of self-service and counter service, providing full range banking experience with smaller footprint.

With its versatile modular design, VTM enables migration of complex counter services and customized financial consulting services to the self-service terminal. Over 95% of counter services are available on VTM I60, thus it can be utilized for branch transformation or teller-less branch, allowing customers to do almost all of their banking business via real-time video interaction and guidance of remote teller.

Multi-Channel Integration
VTM is an innovative solution to integrate branch counter, ATM, internet banking, mobile banking and telephone banking. Such seamless integration of branch, self-service channel and e-channel, has invented a brand-new channel to reach and empower customers with more transaction and service options.

Versatile Functionalities
VTM offers full range services to customer, including retail & corporate banking services. Different modules are centralized into one machine to achieve cash deposit and withdrawal, cheque deposit, account opening and closing, card issuing, credit card/loan application, investment product purchase, financial consulting, payment services, etc.

Unique Features Include:

  • Round-the-clock Availability
  • Extended Network
  • Supreme Experience
  • Optimum Security
  • Integrated Resources

Multi-Vendor Software Platform (eCAT & iBank)

eCAT is a flexible multi-vendor software platform for self service terminals, with abundant and full-scaled graphical development tools. Easy installation of eCAT allows fast and flexible adjustment of transaction flow on banking terminals. Fast and easy integration across multi-channel terminals, eCAT reduces cost and risk for your new services, and react to your customer expectation in a faster time on both current and future facilities.

iBank is an open platform to transform typical branch transactions on an intelligent terminal with the video interaction and teller assistance from remote agent. The solution adopt GRG eCAT platform for terminal application, it's one unified application support multi-type and multi-vendor terminals. WPF and html are used for user interface design. The solution provide the application for teller to process the transaction and gather customer account data. The solution is easy to integrate with major video conference vendor, provide HD video conference for cardholder interactive and identification. Co-browsing and remote control simplify the cardholder operation; give the same experience as counter service.

VTM/ATM Monitoring and Management (FEEL View Plus)

FEEL View Plus is a system for both multi-vendor ATM monitoring and comprehensive management. The system can be extended to all-around back-office management, ranging from System Monitoring, Malfunction Notification, System Management, Report Management and Remote Distribution.


System Monitoring:
  • Real-time Device status Monitoring
  • Ticket Management
  • ATM Uptime Rate Monitoring
Notification management
  • Email Notification
  • SMS Notification
System Management
  • Basic configuration
  • Authority Management
  • Data Dictionary
Report Management
  • Device Malfunction Statistic Report
  • Task Execution Result Report
Remote Distribution
  • EJ Files
  • ATMC Software Upgrading
  • Remote Control

Financial Kiosks

Referencing the Gartner Research KIOSK Benchmark Study, bankers have historically sides-stepped the lower income banking market, citing the high costs of providing teller, account, and lending services for small accounts. Specialized automated banking kiosks are turning the unbanked into an increasingly bankable population offering ATM functionality, pre-paid debit cards, check cashing, money orders, money transfers, and bill payment acceptance. Additionally, "(Banking) clients with more products tend to show more loyalty and generate higher profits, reinforcing the virtuous cycle of increased wallet share and customer profitability." Further, many companies outside of banking are sharing in the struggle to find new cost reductions and increase revenues. Increasing cost reduction concerns have resulted in fewer remote branch locations, and a rise in self-service kiosks for a more efficient alternative to bill payment and other financial functions.