Government Enterprise Resource Planning


Government Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning software attempts to integrate all departments and functions across an Organization onto a single computer system that can serve all departments' needs. The idea is to build a single software program that serves the needs of people in Finance, Human Resources, Warehouse and Manufacturing, etc.

Our Government Enterprise Resource Planning solution helps government organizations accelerate the introduction of new policies and regulations to the public and gives them new concepts for the next generation of e-services.

The solutions we provide to the government organizations deliver the power of enterprise computing specifically tailored for the specific requirements of the public sector such as:

Centralized Trade License & Commercial Register Management

This system was built to facilitate the issuance of the trade license from one place integrating all related organizations.

Centralized Building Permit Management

Utilizes advanced technology to facilitate the issuance of building permits without the need to visit various government organizations, and it integrates various technologies as one solution.

Municipality, Public Work & Services

A complete solution for Municipalities & Service Agencies including Engineering, Health, Inspection, Real Estate, Purchasing, Inventory, Project Costing, Budgeting, Constructions, HR and Accounts.


A comprehensive application that combines many human resources functions into one package. The system incorporates advanced features like flexible workflow, electronic approvals and document archiving and provides a paperless workplace.

Lands, Planning & Survey

The land planning and survey system has been generated to carry extensive current and historical information about land ownership and use. It is designed to maintain the creation and reestablishment of land boundaries and zoning, the subdivision of these areas and the determination of the amount of area within such surveys. In addition, the system delivers the preparation and issuance of land ownership certificates, property transfer documents and purchase contracts. The application is also connected with an archiving system that allows a retrieval of all kinds of documents, proofs and plans on the same interface.