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MSC have solid experience in smart needed solutions that fit for the media sector and have plenty of successful stories in this region.


NewsPublish is a robust web-based platform that provides all of the core content management services needed to create, capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content related to organizational processes. It is a practical solution for centralizing unstructured content and better managing the entire content lifecycle.

  • Automated Journalism: Generate Stories automatically through our AI Technology.
  • Feed Acquisition: We created a set of tools for managing Big Data that comes in unstructured. The feed acquisition sorts data received from emails, news sources, social media, and RSS feeds, categorizes it, extracts analytics and displays the relevant content.
  • Freelance: Manage all your freelancers/contributors, and calculate their monthly dues.
  • Central Monitoring Tool: Monitor news flowing from different sources.
  • Editorial Planning: Our Editorial Planning is a visual calendar that helps a team of content creators and photographers schedule and track their work on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Page Builder: Create, edit, and manage your website’s elements using an intuitive, user-friendly interface.
  • Mobile and Tablet Support: NewsPublish runs as a smart App on a mobile device — a smartphone or a tablet — and can be used to create and organize content on the go.

A7 Pro, Digital Asset Management

This solution is used to organize, identify, manage, distribute and archive digital assets. It guarantees control over all the digital assets in a corporation based on the assignment of roles for effective digital rights management.

A7pro automates the manual processes and makes the search process much more efficient with an easy access to all the new and archived digital assets.

A7pro Key Modules

Previews and findings

  • Quick previews for a faster and an easier browsing process.
  • A smart system that detects the images and tags people accordingly.

Unique Search Engine

  • Efficient, Quick and Advanced search engine that provides multiple search criteria.

Restricted Permissions

  • Flexibility in the admin’s privileges Permissions are given to view, use and edit digital assets, based on the assignment of user access rights.

Interaction With Clients

  • The ability to send files to your clients for approval with a click of a button Clients can annotate and put their comments on the screen.

Photo Editing

  • With just one click, the images are sent from NewsPress to Adobe Photoshop® and vice versa.
  • Retouching has never been easier with this handy module.


  • A centralized photo library which makes it easy to track the expired photos and their usage across all the layout files.
  • Centralize and organize your brand assets easily!


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    Mr. Mahmoud Saba
    the IT Director of Dar Al Khaleej, Sharjah-UAE
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    Mr. Abdul Latif Al Mahmoud
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