Online and Smart Services Development

We offer a multi-channel approach that can transform any business from centralized services to 24/7 availability through automated kiosks, online portals and smart devices in order to access your services to the widest range of clientele.

Software Development

The demands of your users and customers are constantly changing. Don’t be fenced in by generic, off-the-shelf packages.

Delivering the new functionality they crave doesn’t have to be a headache.

Our long-term, dependable support is cost effective and hassle free. Bespoke software naturally adapts more easily to your future challenges.

System Integrator

Most businesses are made up of a complex jumble of technologies. These systems can be spread both geographically and virtually across an organization.

System integration ends the practice of having multiple versions of the same document. When data is updated in real time across different platforms, everyone’s working together on the same page.

Legacy Oracle Forms Migration to ADF, SOA & BPM

Oracle Forms have often evolved into monoliths with entangled functionalities and are simply not properly equipped to seamlessly integrate with other systems, nor offer an effective user experience that meets current standards.

MSC is a leading player in Oracle Forms modernization. MSC’s innovative approach based on our proven implementation methodology enables our customers to bridge the gap between Oracle Forms and modern web applications by streamlining the migration to Oracle ADF, SOA and BPM. Determining the correct modernization approach will help you balance the business value, cost, and timing for your modernization project.

MSC does not just supply leading edge technical solutions. We are experts in our field and inject into projects a huge amount of practical experience and the distilled wisdom from our own practical experience.


Since the internal support is becoming increasingly difficult and costly, our professional team can lessen your burden and manage the whole or part of your infrastructure – be it desktop management, roll-out of solutions, system upgrades or management of primary high-end enterprise resources.

We provide key staffers bearing the required qualification, technical expertise and aptitude, as well as possessing decent communication and interpersonal skills.

Consultancy & Analysis

Before any of your systems can be automated or improved, your existing processes must be properly evaluated.

The first step towards a streamlined system is for one of our experts to analyze your existing processes and applications. Based on that analysis, we agree upon a roadmap and a time frame to achieve those goals.

Our team then plans and implements that solution to meet your objectives.