Task & Correspondence Management


Task & Correspondence Management

Task and Correspondence Management is fully ad-hoc workflow engine that is being fully identified by the user who initiates it by selecting user or group from the organization structure tree which shows all groups and users. This workflow means the process of managing the daily tasks in the organization and to reduce use of paper versions of these tasks. This procedure is built based on the organizational structure and hierarchy of the organization, which allows navigating through the full tree of the hierarchy from the top level down to the lower levels. The communication between users and groups is controlled by predefined rules that specify which actions can be performed according to the user level in the hierarchy.

Current Features

  • Bilingual support (English & Arabic)
  • Allows fully ad-hoc task routing based on the Organization hierarchy and structure according to predefined rules for the level of communication
  • Provides the ability to add attachments during any step in the workflow from File System or from Content Management or from Scanner through a web scanning interface which should support basic imaging functionality such as (zoom In, zoom out, fit to page, fit to width, fit to height and crop)
  • Provides the ability of routing tasks based on the user selection for the party and automatically populates the decisions based on both the requester and the receiver locations in the hierarchy
  • Allows Dynamic Action Configuration based on the level of communication between different parties in the organization
  • Dynamic Tasks Expiry configuration based on the level of communication and auto escalation of the task
  • Powerful search capabilities within the inbox including keyword search, searches on task date and time of the initiation or the last action date and time in and the tasks which expires within certain period
  • Provides an easy of browsing the inbox tasks through identifying the newly coming tasks, the tasks that the user is already working on, the tasks that the user has created and submitted and the tasks that the users participated in
  • Provides the ability to select any user or node from the organization structure through a tree representation of the organization structure hierarchy
  • Ability to track all actions, notes, attachments, and full history of the task
  • Supports users Delegation to authorize other users to perform actions on the task on behalf of the user
  • Allows the users to Request and Provide Information between different steps in the workflow
  • Allows the users to Escalate tasks to their direct managers
  • Allows the users to Re-Assign Tasks to other users
  • Allows users to approve / reject tasks according to the user location in the hierarchy and according to the predefined rules
  • Ability to create subtasks and create parallel tasks
  • Ability to track workflow by the sender and show where the work is pending
  • Task withdrawal by the managers
  • Ability to identify the high priority tasks in the inbox
  • Ability to identify the tasks that contains subtasks and to identify the subtasks that are part of a main task
  • Strong reporting capabilities: daily, weekly or monthly reports on completed, incomplete correspondences to identify slack and improve efficiency and decision making
  • Ability to assign a user to more than one role
  • Handover functionality for tasks from employee to another.
  • Notes can be added to a correspondence
  • Supports integration with SOA to execute an external processes
  • Based on J2EE Architecture

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