For the latest Arabic daily from Dar Al Sharq group- Qatar, with a focus on business news and analysis.


The Client

Issued in 2023, “Lusail” the latest Arabic daily from Dar Al Sharq group, with a focus on business news and analysis. Established its own successful path by choosing to abandon the usage of paper in the production of the newspaper. Apart from the printed edition, readers can also have access in the newspaper's content via mobile phones (iOS) and PC.

The Challenge

  • Smooth adoption of a modern publishing model.
  • Easy and fast exploitation of digital channels.
  • Incorporate a distinct online presence within it publication process.
  • Bring the business into the modern era with a competitive advantage.

The insights

  • Declining use of printed formats; digitalized channels turning into an integral part of modern publishing process.
  • Cope with the demands of this new era for publishing industry, i.e. specialized content production process per channel etc.
  • A regional newspaper facing difficulties like having to provide news coverage for 4 different counties and finding high skilled staff for each communication channel.

The Goals

  • Bring the business into the modern era with a competitive advantage
  • Streamline editorial workflow to achieve seamless information flow to multiple distribution channels.

The Project

In 2023 Lusail proceeded to the radical reorganization of its information system, selecting NewsPress Edition after an extensive market research for the ideal editorial, content management and multi-channel distribution platform.

The Solution

NewsPress is a multi-publishing workflow solution that allows you to automate, organize and increase the quality of your workflow from the moment you start writing the story till the moment you produce your page. It’s designed to manage your publications efficiently.

NewsPress is a web-based workflow solution designed by Layout specifically for newspapers and magazines. NewsPress’ ability to automate the production process by combining editorial and production stages makes it an essential tool for small to large-scale publications.

In today’s highly competitive market, many publications rely on freelance contributors in an effort to manage costs. As a remotely accessible web-based editorial solution, NewsPress is a cost-effective way of managing your publication easily and efficiently.

NewsPress is the product of extensive market research and analysis. It is simple yet highly effective, requiring minimal staff training, allowing immediate implementation in the workplace. NewsPress offers customizable and robust cross-platform solutions to serve the needs of any publication. Harnessing open source technology, it is easy to install in the workplace. A simple installer/updater module means that NewsPress can be implemented in the office with minimal disruption.

NewsPress is an editorial workflow management system that allows editors, department heads, sub-editors, correctors, production teams, chief editors and designers to log on to a single centralized server in order to process their daily work.

With its multi-lingual interface including Arabic, English and French, it guarantees the transfer of useful information across different departments and between all relevant personnel. From creation up until printing and archiving, NewsPress will organize the complete editing cycle.

Editors can create new articles, link related images and assign them to other users. Supervisors can retrieve the assigned data in order to edit it and/or approve it before the design stage.

Designers, through a very friendly floating window, can view all the articles (with all related images) that are ready to be produced.

News can be created and exchanged between members of a newsroom or between different groups of users. The system keeps a complete log of each “transaction” along with the story revisions, all of which can be accessed at any time.

The Results

  • NewsPress came exactly the time we needed it, since we were at a breaking point of having to streamline operations while working for a totally revised content and style. NewsPress became an integral part of our publication process since news distribution to either print or online edition was made possible with just one click!".
  • Unified platform to create, manage and distribute news content via multiple channels.
  • Significant reduction of the production process.
  • Unified archiving system, with enhanced search filters
  • Significant reduction of the production process and time and improve the appearance quality.
  • Increase readers’ volume deriving from online & mobile channels
  • An agile, open architecture platform, fully expandable to meet any additional future requirement, that ensures a quick return on the investment and its long lasting duration.


  • Great service. They really helped me out when my heater went out. They made the service and payment very convenient for me. I highly recommend this company.

    Paul Grant
  • Great service. They really helped me out when my heater went out. They made the service and payment very convenient for me. I highly recommend this company.

    Paul Grant

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