AVI solution for Wastewater Tankers Access Control and Tolling


The Challenge

Haya Water’s wastewater treatment facility in Oman charges tanker trucks a fee for entry. This is a high-volume facility and manual collection of fees was creating long lines of vehicles at the gate. With a large number of returning vehicles, it needed a fast, automated system that would optimize operations at the plant entrance.

The Solution

Microsystems LLC (MSC) in partnership with International Road Dynamics Inc. (IRD) implemented IRD iToll software and lane hardware as the solution: passive RFID is used for electronic fee collection for vehicles entering the facility. All wastewater vehicles are equipped with RFID tags, which allow entry only to registered vehicles that have a valid account and sufficient funds. The RFID tags are tamper-proof and attached to the windshield.

The Results

The entry lane system at the wastewater treatment facility operates in unattended mode without mechanical barriers, which improved traffic throughput.

HAYA benefited from comprehensive reporting to manage the treatment capacity, plan expansions, schedule maintenance and trace incidents.

Case Studies

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