ETC Integrated Toll Collection and Auditing System


The Challenge

Ras Al-Khaimah government issued a regulation to impose toll-fee to all trucks using its roads based on classification. RAK Public Works and Services Department (PWSD) required a system to automate the manual collection of toll fees and to monitor and audit traffic count and classification information.

The Solution

Microsystems LLC (MSC) in partnership with International Road Dynamics Inc. (IRD) provided a toll system in Ras Al-Khaimah (RAK), UAE that charges a toll-fee to all trucks that are exiting the limestone quarries and traveling to cement plants and construction sites in the other Emirates or towards ports to have the limestone shipped to other countries.

MSC worked with the RAK Public Works and Services Department (PWSD) to assist them in the regulation of the weight and number of transport trucks that are constantly using its roads and highways as well as provided an independent audit system to verify the count and classification of vehicles exiting the quarries. The independent audit system allows the authorities to monitor the traffic count and classification information for each lane in the plaza, and to match this information to a set time period, such as the duration of an operator's shift. The information collected is then used by the operator to cross check the actual revenue collected, as compared to what they would expect given the detected traffic.

The Results

PWSD experienced higher revenue, lower-risk and fully auditable transactions. The IRD Toll system provided PWSD the additional benefit of fraud monitoring and prevention.

Case Studies

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